How this began...


How this began...

Growing up, a roof box always symbolized freedom. The time of year where traveling in a car loaded with everything needed meant school was out, or closed for snow and adventures were in full swing! Fast forward to present day, having a box on top of a vehicle still carries that same symbol. Every time a vehicle is seen with a box on top, always think, "lucky, they must be going on a fun trip!"

With all the new brands, styles and sizes; boxes can be made to compliment all model vehicles rather than the classic coffin look killing gas mileage and destroying the body lines of most manufactures.

ILikeYourBox was created as a hub for all roof box lover's to share in their passion of vehicle styling with these functional pieces of equipment. Share your own set-up on our Instagram page or find inspiration from others!

Timeline of personal boxes owned over the years...

-first color matched box in 2011 using Avery Vinyl Wrap on a Thule Atlantis 1600-

-custom painted Newport Blue Thule Atlantis 1800-

-Factory Gloss Black Thule Atlantis 1600-

-Gloss Black Inno Wedge 660-

- Yakima Skybox (built in Solar Panel w/ LED light)

-Thule Sonic XL (discontinued model)

-SkiGuard Sport 830 with custom rear window attachments

Don't forget to pick-up a shirt before leaving and make sure others know how much you like the box life!